UK butterfly population variations

Andrew Wood AndrewGWood at
Fri Aug 8 16:55:59 EDT 1997

This mail is prompted by my seeing the my first painted ladies (Cynthia
cardui) for 1997 today and yesterday here in Hertford.  As far as I am
aware there has ben no mass migratory movement of this species or moths
this year in the UK  so I wonder how this species is doing around the
country.   Also what about the species which for me hit highs and lows in
1996, how are they in 1997? Specifically:

Large White (Pieris  brassicae) Definetley a recovery in this area though
still the least common of the three common whites
Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus )  Very low numbers in both broods, though
it was common in Cornwall at the end of July
Brown Argus (Aricia agestis) Again very low numbers following last years
strong expansion in the areas I am familiar with
Silver Y ( Autographa gamma) Odd ones here and there.

Andrew Wood

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