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Sat Aug 9 07:27:39 EDT 1997

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  It separates the WINNERS from the LOSERS.
Do you want to be a winner?  Do you know what separates the very successful
people from the people just getting by?  INFORMATION!!!  The MOST
successful people in any field, don't have all the answers... BUT they do
know where to find them.  Everyone needs to have information.  Children
need it for school, and good grades.  Adults need it to keep informed and
current with associates.  Don't you know someone that always seems to be
on the inside track?  They may have already bought this report.  Have ALL the
information you need at your finger tips.  I already spent hundreds of hours
searching the internet to find the sites you need,  with links to thousands of
other sites.

Here are a few examples: government  sites, local and federal.  Are you trying
to find someone that owes you money?  Do you need to check someone's
background... potential employee, tennant, anyone.  Find that lost love or
college buddy.  Lookup phone numbers around the block or around the world.
Track down court records.  Check someones credit, educational background,
driving or criminal record.  Locate military records.  Get all the newest
try them before you buy them.  Find dozens of free offers. Search libraries
the world.

Just about anything you can imagine , can be found on the internet.  You just
have to know WHERE to look.

Don't wait... your competitors aren't waiting for you!!!


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