birds won't eat cynthia moth

lday at lday at
Wed Aug 13 16:08:37 EDT 1997

THe _Samia cynthia_ moth that I put out on our bird feeder is still there
after 3 days (her wings are criplled, she can't fly), and the birds (jays,
grackles, and cardinals) have not touched her.  Normally they empty the 
feeder, which is filled with peanuts, every day.  They haven't touched
the peanuts either.  Another cynthia moth that I put out in the feeder
after she was done egg laying was also untouched, and eventually flew away.

Has anyone else noticed birds avoiding this moth?  Maybe the birds here
are just scared of something large and unfamiliar?  But they usually
get used to something after a while.  They often receive insects in
the feeder as well as peanuts.  


Liz Day
LDAY at 
Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA, 40 N latitude, zone 5.

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