Axiidae homonym

Dr. James Adams JADAMS at
Fri Aug 15 10:07:16 EDT 1997

Dear Lep people,
    Ron Voskuil wrote:
> Is anyone of you aware of the apparent homonymy of the family Axiidae, which
> is used in Lepidoptera as well as in Malacostraca: Decapoda?
> The problem may be solved already but I would like to know.
> Ron Voskuil
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I have no idea if the problem has been solved, but I am aware of 
another homonym between different genera of animals that I took up 
with the ICZN Commision in the late '80's.  Their decision is briefly 
discussed below.

    The homonym I'm talking about is between the genus Macroglossum 
(Mammalia: (Mega)Chiroptera) and Macroglossum (Insecta: Lepidoptera: 
Sphingidae), both named as such due to long "tongues", which, 
interestingly enough, is used by both for lapping up sweet fluids 
(nectar/fruit juices).

    The commision decided that there was no possibility of confusing 
the organisms involved and so therefore took no action.  (In other 
words, they ignored the Code).  Oh well.  Good luck with your 
homonym, Ron.

    James Adams

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