caterpillar-green body, yellow hair, black spines?

Claire Horne chorne-NOSPAM at
Wed Aug 13 18:21:32 EDT 1997


Apologies in advance for not being able to submit a photo or for
potentially using incorrect descriptive lingo, but I'm looking for
information on a kind of caterpillar I found recently.

Habitat: suburban yard in (piedmont region of) North Carolina.

Caterpillar: about 1.75 inches long, with lime green body, yellow hair
of varying length (shorter on most of body, longer by its feet and head)
and 5 long black spines (? or, thin hairy tufts). 2 spines are on its
3rd segement, 2 spines are on its 5th segment, and 1 is at its tail,
which is black. Its head and feet are also black.

Thanks in advance for any information or suggestions on sources to

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