Where to complain: "Do you like to receive $2 million?"

Doug Yanega dyanega at mono.icb.ufmg.br
Wed Aug 20 12:05:07 EDT 1997

This one is scary.

>Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 12:44:07
>Reply-To: mailservice at bulkmail.net
>Look at mailto:mm5413 at persnet.com
>You'll be very - very - sorry if you don't!

While Pyramid schemes are illegal in the US, this message originates in the
Netherlands, maybe things are different there, I dunno. At any rate, this
one merits two separate complaints, one to the supervisor at persnet.com
(the address is web at persnet.com), to let them know they have a client who
is spamming AND engaging in Pyramid Schemes, and another complaint to
bulkmail.net (which will fall on deaf ears, certainly, but if these folks
stay in business, they and others like them will be the death of the net,
no exaggeration, so a little vocal opposition is good). These folks are:

Southwind Enterprises, Inc. (BULKMAIL2-DOM)
8600 Sheridan Road, PO Box 4055
Kenosha, WI 53143


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Fricke, David (DF822) dave at SEINC.NET
414-942-0479 (FAX) 414-942-0503
Billing Contact:
Fricke, David (DF822) dave at SEINC.NET
414-942-0479 (FAX) 414-942-0503

Record last updated on 11-Dec-96.
Record created on 14-May-96.
Database last updated on 20-Aug-97 04:24:08 EDT.

Just the whole idea of a business existing solely to make money off of
OTHER people's attempts to spam makes my flesh crawl.

Peace, all,

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