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Bruce Walsh bruce_walsh at tikal.biosci.arizona.edu
Mon Aug 25 23:51:47 EDT 1997

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  OFFICE MEMO          Spreading broads                       Date:8/26/97

A general question to the Leps-list:

What is the advantage to using spreading broads with slightly upwardly-sloped
broads as opposed to flat broads?  When I use the normal (upwardly-sloped)
broads, I often get butterflies that are set with their wings a a somewhat
large upward angle (as opposed to having the wings set flat).  This is
especially a problem with small species (less than 2cm).

As a further point, I should mention that I use a rather different system for
spreading.  I have small individual spreading broads for each specimen, made
out of Styrofoam with balsa wood for the wing surfaces.  The wings are
position and held in space by a loop of tight thread, and then microscope
slides are placed over the wings.  This system makes spreading skipper a
breeze and I find it far easier than spreading several individuals on a single
large broad.


Bruce Walsh

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