Io Moth - Attracting a male

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Thanks for your response.  Although I knew that if you find a female
saturniid in the wild she's probably mated, I didn't realize the
behavior of calling the male... this female didn't exhibit that
behavior.  Stay tuned for the next chapter!

Are the moths you and your kids raised this summer domestic silk moths
or some other Saturniid?  Like you, I raised domestic silk worms in
grade school, then Monarchs, Buckeyes, Painted Ladies and an Io moth
(found one caterpiller on a fruitless Mulberry in our yard) in Jr. High
and silk worms again in 1989 when my kids were 7 & 4.  I'd really like
to raise some more wild Saturniids in the spring.  We're planning on
going cocoon hunting in the fall/winter.  In northeast Texas we're
hoping to find some Polyphemus, Io, and maybe Luna cocoons.

Thanks again for the valuable information.  I'll file it away!

Rgds, Chuck
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