Doug Yanega dyanega at
Wed Aug 27 11:34:55 EDT 1997

Lenore Atwood wrote:

>Allow me to apologize for sending attachments. I was unaware of the problems
>involved. I am now aware of the problems involved and will never do so
>again!! I promise.

Hopefully the comments sent to Lenore were polite, at least.
        The primary problem is when it's being sent to an entire mailing
list full of people, many of whom won't be able to decode it (and it can
create problems for some mail servers). Avoid that, and all is well. It's
easy enough to say "I have a jpeg file of this critter, anyone who can
decode jpegs and thinks they can help should e-mail me and I'll send a
copy." What is also happening a lot lately is that one of the new Netscape
versions, apparently, has a default option whereby encoded duplicates of
every message are formed and attached when the message is sent. This is one
heck of a stupid default option, and the average user has no way of knowing
that this is being done unless someone writes back to them and complains.
Little wonder people are getting jumpy about getting "flamed."


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