National PArks

Paul C Weaver beavis5 at
Wed Aug 27 13:09:48 EDT 1997

I must admit I find it to be a double standard that fishing is allowed in
the national park.  Fishing is a form of collecting as far as I am
concerned.  However, collecting of any other wildlife or earth material is
extremely frowned upon.  The red tape in getting a permit makes it almost
not worth the effort.  Why are fish not held to the same standard as
everything else in the park.  I completely understand why the regulations
are set aside for national parks (they are there for everyones enjoyment).
However, I find it hard to swallow when a park official says it is illegal
to collect specimens but you can fish all you want in the rivers and

Sorry if I made anyone mad but I just see a double standard.  Make the
permits easier to get like fishing or just have no specimen collecting
across the board.  I love the parks as much as anyone but something has
got to give. You can get some strange looks from people when you have to
collect at the park entrance to stay with in the law.


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