permits and private land

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Wed Aug 27 14:06:16 EDT 1997

>> >       Collecting to be done out of sight of visitors.
>I don't see why we need to be secretive.  I'm only too happy to discuss
>with neophytes what I am doing, observing, etc.  

I think the problem is that if they see YOU collecting, they will want to
know why THEY can't do it too.

>BTW, I've also run into problems on private land recently.  I had one
>rancher refuse to give me permission to enter his pastures.  He told me
>he didn't want anyone doing any research of any sort on his land 

Yes, a friend of mine had the same problem - only he was looking for 
fossil fish!  Some ranchers (this was western Kansas) DID NOT want him
on their land looking for fossil fish, possibly stealing valuable ..
valuable fossil fish???!!! from their land.   Go figure.

Liz Day
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Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA, 40 N latitude, zone 5.

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