permits and private land

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Wed Aug 27 17:08:16 EDT 1997

At 01:06 PM 8/27/97 -0500, lday at wrote:
>>> >       Collecting to be done out of sight of visitors.
>>I don't see why we need to be secretive.  I'm only too happy to discuss
>>with neophytes what I am doing, observing, etc.  
>I think the problem is that if they see YOU collecting, they will want to
>know why THEY can't do it too.
>>BTW, I've also run into problems on private land recently.  I had one
>>rancher refuse to give me permission to enter his pastures.  He told me
>>he didn't want anyone doing any research of any sort on his land 
>Yes, a friend of mine had the same problem - only he was looking for 
>fossil fish!  Some ranchers (this was western Kansas) DID NOT want him
>on their land looking for fossil fish, possibly stealing valuable ..
>valuable fossil fish???!!! from their land.   Go figure.
>Liz Day
>LDAY at 
>Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA, 40 N latitude, zone 5.
>Sorry, but as a private land owner I personally wouldnt  want Tom, Dick
and Harry on my land either. Land owners have been besieged with 4
wheelers, hunters, garbage dumpers etc for years. Not to mention several
land owners I know who were sued when someone was on their property without
permission and fell in a ground hog hole and got hurt. Deer hunters are
famous for putting large numbers of  nails in the largest and best trees
for their deer stand which they use for 5 hours the first day while they
sleep off the binge of the night before. After a while you just dont want
to hear anybodies stories about why they should use your land for free. If
you want to play in the country --buy a piece of it.
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