"Federal Permits"

Mark Walker mwalker at aisvt.bfg.com
Thu Aug 28 11:09:56 EDT 1997

Thanks for the educational and timely response to the recent buzzing.  I hope
you realize that my original post was in no way directed at you or anything you
might be doing up there in the tundra };>)

If things weren't bad enough, with you being permanently planted in perpetual
wilderness, now we have to find out that you occasionally get free rides on
float planes into remote areas.  Geez, what a life.

By the way, I really did know better than to scrutinize the _rules_ you posted
as if they were _official_ NP rules.  I just couldn't resist the editorial
comments.  I suspect that poor Mr. T. is very much the same as I.  Probably
started at age 7.  He may very well have posted a request for collecting info
on this very NG last spring.  He should've (and probably did) know better than
to collect in N.P.'s, but then when you're in some of these remote areas, it's
easy to justify getting out your net.  

Oh well.  I wouldn't forget my net if I were to travel to his country.

Mark Walker

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