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For a review of the species of Maruca (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) currently 
undertaken by G. Helmers at Museum of Entomology, University of Amsterdam, as 
well as for my own reporting on integrated pest management in legumes crops, 
I am looking for the publication where the name Maruca testulalis was changed 
to M. vitrata.

This extremely important legumes pest is studied all over the tropics and 
there are plenty publications about it. However, only few are on its 
Preliminary results of the study by Helmers showed that, based on its 
morphology, Maruca testulalis/vitrata is one and the same species all over 
the world, but that the population of M. amboinalis from Irian Jaya/New 
Guinea seems to be a mix of two or more species.

For some years now, CABI-IIE changes the name testulalis consequently to 
vitrata in the edited part of the references in Review of Agricultural 
Entomology. The synonymy is included in Munroe's part in Atlas of Neotropical 
Lepidoptera Vol 3, edited by Heppner. The only reference I could find which 
may document the change of name is the article by H.S. Rose & A.P. Singh. 
1989. Use of internal reproductive organs in the identification of Indian 
species of the genus Maruca Walker (Pyraustinae: Puralidae: Lepidoptera). 
Journal of Advanced Zoology Vol 10 (2): 99-103,
but this publication is not available in the Netherlands and I did not yet 
get a reply from the authors at Patiala, Punjab, India.

My requests are:

Who has access to this article by Rose and Singh and could send me a 
Is it the one where the change of name is proposed?

Who has information on differences in biology between the American and the 
African-Asian populations of Maruca testulalis/vitrata
(I found a highly susceptible cowpea variety from Nigeria to escape from 
attack in Suriname, although I caught hundreds of Maruca moths in the nearby 
lighttrap, suggesting possible sibbling of the species)

Anticipated thanks! 

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