permits and private land

Mark Walker mwalker at
Thu Aug 28 13:16:37 EDT 1997

Landowning folks I know are really concerned most about sounding environmental
alarms.  They haven't had a real problem with my collecting, they just don't
want me to identify their property as the collecting site.  Interesting
behavior - certainly not the optimal response.  Seems like there should be a
solution where everyone wins.

Ted Ryznar wrote:

> After a while you just dont want
> to hear anybodies stories about why they should use your land for free. If
> you want to play in the country --buy a piece of it.

I can understand the sentiment here, but for a collector it's a bit depressing.
 As a famous race car driver once said, 'Can't we all just get along?'.  The
only thing worse than the government outlawing collecting on public lands is
for private entities to buy and fence it all up.  Buying my own lots is just
not economically feasible.  Too many habitats to consider.  As a compromise, I
agree with James Kruse - collecting on private lands is still an easy thing to
do through good communication.

Mark Walker.

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