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Ted Ryznar tryznar at
Fri Aug 29 21:45:47 EDT 1997

At 01:16 PM 8/28/97 -0400, Mark Walker wrote:
>Landowning folks I know are really concerned most about sounding
>alarms.  They haven't had a real problem with my collecting, they just don't
>want me to identify their property as the collecting site.  Interesting
>behavior - certainly not the optimal response.  Seems like there should be a
>solution where everyone wins.
>Ted Ryznar wrote:
>> After a while you just dont want
>> to hear anybodies stories about why they should use your land for free. If
>> you want to play in the country --buy a piece of it.
>I can understand the sentiment here, but for a collector it's a bit
> As a famous race car driver once said, 'Can't we all just get along?'.  The
>only thing worse than the government outlawing collecting on public lands is
>for private entities to buy and fence it all up.  Buying my own lots is just
>not economically feasible.  Too many habitats to consider.  As a
compromise, I
>agree with James Kruse - collecting on private lands is still an easy
thing to
>do through good communication.
>Mark Walker.
>I also agree with the method Jim Kruse uses with private land owners.
HOWEVER, it is not done very often.  Myself as well as many other
landowners I know would be thrilled with such polite behavior. The only
time anyone ever asked me is when they wanted to build a deer stand in a 3
foot diameter maple tree. My response was that he was welcome to hunt there
but no deer stands in the trees. I explained how nails in trees are very
dangerous for sawmills if they hit them accidentally. The response I
received was much cursing and I was told how they hunted that land since
they were kids and how dare I tell them they couldnt put a deer stand
there. that land is now posted. If everyone followed the method Jim Kruse
uses to access private lands maybe we could all get along. 
                                      Ted Ryznar
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