Direct digitizing lighting

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Mon Dec 15 16:06:28 EST 1997

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> Subject: Re: Direct digitizing lighting
> Date: Monday, December 15, 1997 3:17 PM
> Dear Mr. Philip,
> Since I do quite a bit of micro-photography work, especially Lepidopteran
> eggs, I would be interested in seeing your diagram for your lighting
>  I personally use a dual head fiber-optic lighting system with flexible
> goosenecks that is designed for use with dissecting microscopes.  Taped
> the ends of the light heads are gel-type color correction filters (I
> believe the filter designation is 80A, which is a medium blue, but I
> be wrong on the number).  With this system I work with magnification
> of approximately 5:1 to 10:1, with a working distance between lens and
> subject at about 1cm.  At the end of my lens is a 24x dual element
> with an adapter to couple it to the lens itself that is about 75mm in
> diameter.  With this adaptor and the close working distance, I still am
> able to angle both light heads at around 45 degrees to the plane of the
> subject.  I think a system like this would be perfect for what you are
> doing, the only major consideration is the cost of the lighting unit,
> run around $500 to $800.
> Please send a copy of your diagram and any comments to my supervisors
> E-mail address below (Carol Lemmon), and she will make sure I get it. 
> clemmon at
> Thank you.
> Jeff Fengler
> Research Assistant
> Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

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