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Merry Christmas to all!!

I am trying to develop a web page for the saturniidae and sphingidae 
and papilionidae that I rear on P.E.I.  I am not a photographer and 
have no pictures of my own.  If you have pictures in jpg or gif 
formats that you could send me I would really appreciate it.  I am 
looking for adult moths/butterflies in natural settings and fifth 
instar larvae on food plants.  Credit will be given on my website (to 
be developed) for all photos used.

I rear the following saturniidae:  A. luna, A. polyphemus, A. io, C. 
promethea, H. columbia, H. cecropia, and S. cynthia.
I rear the following sphingidae: P. myops, P. modesta, H. gallii, C. 
undulosa, S. cerisyi, P. excaecatus, H. thysbe.
I rear the following papilionidae: P. polyxenes asterias and P. 

Bill Oehlke 
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