emergence-emergency, help?

bramble j_vitae at bc.cybernex.net
Sun Jun 1 14:54:01 EDT 1997

last week i posted about the painted lady butterflies our class raised, and
one butterfly who took too long to emerge.
thanks to all who took the time to reply to me, both publically and via
email.  i appreciate the fact that people were so helpful.

the kids were intrigued with the 4 healthy butterflies that returned to
school, were satisfied with the explanation that the 5th was "absent", and
enjoyed observing them until we released them a few days ago in the garden
that the school planted.  i was reluctant to release them! i'm sentimental.

again, thanks.  this newsgroup is a pleasant reminder that people still
like to actually exchange info and be helpful on usenet. :)

bright blessings,


      "we are hope despite the times" - r.e.m.
         "plant impossible gardens" --sark
      email: j_vitae at bc dot cybernex dot net

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