Costa Rican Beauty

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Wed Jun 11 05:44:51 EDT 1997

In my memory, I can here the sounds of the tropical Costa Rican forest. The
parrots squawking away in great numbers, a toucan hops from one branch to
another, several woolly monkeys hang from the limbs of a tree while playfully
eating fruit. For me, I am on a lepidopterist expedition, but this time I
have a beautiful woman/naturalist with me. I am torn by excitement on the
first day out in the field, and as I peer through my binoculars, I can't
believe that she is actually stalking through the jungle with net in hand.
Some form of ancient primeval feeling is invoked as I continue to explore
this remote wild jungle with my female counterpart. We come across a
beautiful 25 foot waterfall placed deep into the jungle and several Morphos
instantly decide to patrol the area. It is incredible how punctual some forms
of Morphos can be, shutting down their patrolling at distinct hours of the
day (2:00 - 3:00). 

So we sit at a perfectly placed bench built for a view of the wild jungle
waterfall, and we listen to the sounds of the water and the birds whistling
in the background. Bright red and black, and black and yellow Heliconiae
flutter by, as the sunlight partially makes its way through the jungle
openings. A beautifully ugly blackish/purple frog poses for a couple of
photographs while an anteater dashes off which only she gets a look at. This
is life at its best. Man, woman and beautiful jungle with all its wonderful
inhabitants. I think the only things missing on were Cheetah and Ji. 

Rainforest Energy!

Jim Hanlon
Rainforest Adventures
Peruvian Amazon Trip - Departs September 13, 1997
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