Are there any easily cultured moths?

Wed Jun 18 09:33:24 EDT 1997

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Subject:        Are there any easily cultured moths?

I'm looking for info on easily cultured moth species to be used
as food for zoo animals.  Larval food items seem to be the
biggest drawback to many species.  Are there any moths that
require easily grown (year round) food plants or easily
prepared artificial diets?  Any info will be much appreciated.
Will Brown
International Hylid Society
Keeper, Dept. of Herpetology, Washington Park Zoo

 many of the phycitid (pyralidae) moths can easily be grown. Suitable 
foods include semolina, or oatmeal etc. however bran, yeast, flour and 
glycerol is standard.
If you want recipies etc mail me.
Also if youn want examples, we have a few (plodia interpunctella, ephestia 
cautella, ephestia kuehniella, corcrya cephalonica etc) These are 
agricultural pests butn are endemic to the USA so i dont forsee any import 
restrictions or permits. They are small moths however.

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