Quino Checkerspot Distribution

R. Redak redak at ucrac1.ucr.edu
Mon Jun 23 16:03:17 EDT 1997

Attention all collectors.  My lab is conducting a survey of the current
and historical distribution of the Quino Checkerspot (Euphydryas editha
editha).  As you know this species was recently placed on the Federal
Endangered Species list.  We are compiling historical data from public
and private collection records detailing where this species was found
prior to 1996.  At present we have “surveyed” the Los Angeles County
Museum, the San Bernardino County Museum, the San Diego County Musuem,
the University of California, Riverside Entomology Musuem, and the
California Academy of Sciences Entomology Collection.  If you have
specimens of this insect in your private or public collections, I would
really appreciate the following information if available.  

1. Date of Collection:
2. Collector:
3. Site of Collection (as detailed as possible, we can use any
information you have):
4. Number of specimens collected:

Please note that this subspecies may have been collected as Euphydryas
wrightii in the past, so any information on that species collected in
Southern California  as well would be appreciated. Please also note that
I DO NOT WANT the actual specimens; I just want the label data.  I will
keep the names of collectors provided to me confidential.

Label information may be sent to me by email:
  redak at ucrac1.ucr.edu

by snail mail
     Dr. Rick Redak
     Department of Entomology
     University of California
     Riverside, CA 92521

or by FAX

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide help.
If you know of someone who should receive this request, please,
please, please pass it on.

Rick Redak
Assistant Professor

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