Butterfly Info. Request

Susan Kotnik cos.kotnik at mci2000.com
Thu Jun 26 21:55:42 EDT 1997

> After butterfly hatches, what is the least harmful way to transport
> butterfly from house to ouside?  I have read one can place their finger
> newly hatched butterfly and it will walk up your finger, then you can
> transport (on finger) to outside,and place on flower to allow it's wings
> to dry in sun.

Congratulations on your enthusiasm.  I don't handle them, if possible,
until the wings are hardened.  Just too fragile while damp and limp.
Usually the butterfly itself will show signs of being ready by attempting
to fly, and general restlessness.  When it is ready to be released,
allowing it to sit on your finger is good but may result in a loose
butterfly in your house instead of outside.  I wait for the butterfly to be
resting with the wings upright together over its back, then grasp with
thumb and forefinger the area near its body where all four wings overlap.
Convey outside moving grasp as little as possible (to decrease damage from
rubbing). Another way is to get one of those hinged hair clips women use
with hair curlers, where you pinch the end and the clip opens.  When the
butterfly is resting with wings together, slip the clip over the wings so
all four wings are clipped securely.  This is usually very safe and not
many scales rubbed off.  Watch out for hungry birds nearby when you release
them!  Good luck.

Susan Kotnik

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