Butterfly counts and money

Chris Raper triocomp at dial.pipex.com
Wed Jun 25 13:10:02 EDT 1997

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997 10:52:46 -0700 (PDT), "James J. Kruse"
<kruse at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU> wrote:

>As a volunteer for the now NABA butterfly counts I couldn't help but
>notice that it is no longer enough to volunteer time, but now also money.
>AND, the more counts you do, the more you pay.
>"NABA now requires a $3.00 FEE per participant to cover costs" - from an
>info letter for one of the counts I participate in.

Sounds a crazy situation to me Jim.

Over here in the UK most organisations involved in monitoring
butterflies/birds (or anything for that matter) are crying out for
volunteers to give them records. Imposing a 'participation charge'
would just discourage contributions and thus reduce the worth of the
final survey report. There are few enough recorders anyway!

The idea that the volunteers have to contribute to the cost of the
resulting book is amazing.....

Chris R.

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