specimen repair

Mike Soukup mikayak at ix.netcom.com
Thu May 1 09:12:27 EDT 1997

Hi everybody,

	I would like to write an article on "specimen repair" (Lepidoptera).  I
am looking for any techniques you "professionals" use to fix the
inevitable damage that occurs.  Sure, EVEN I can re-attach a wing with
elmers glue.  But, does anyone have any techniques for:

Fixing antennae broken "halfway",
torn wings (especially where the tear is TOTALLY separated.
removing "the greasies" (although I know this has been covered recently)

even "mounting tips" such as "how to get a pin through a dried micro
geometer or Lithosiinae without COMPLETELY destroying it (I could use

and WHAT do you use for mounting boards, pinning strips, even prefferred

You can send responses to me directly at mikayak at ix.netcom.com  OR,
share them here - it IS good info after all!!!

Thanks ALOT everyone!!
Mike Soukup
mikayak at ix.netcom.com

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