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John V. Calhoun bretcal at gte.net
Thu May 1 23:22:29 EDT 1997

Mike Soukup wrote:

> and WHAT do you use for mounting boards
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> Mike Soukup
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I use the most inexpensive mounting boards possible.  I purchase 
insulation styrofoam (usually available at hardware stores in large 2' x 
5' pieces of 3 or 4ea per package).  I cut the pieces to measure about 
12" long and 8" wide (depends on the size of specimens) .  Since the 
foam is usually only about 1" thick, I glue two pieces together to 
accommodate the length of insect pins being used. I place two 
appropriately cut strips of balsa wood on one side of the styrofoam, 
leaving a gap between the pieces for the bodies of the specimens.  I 
secure the balsa wood with long sewing pins (with the plastic heads).  
With the use of the pins to secure everything, you can easily change the 
width of the gap to accommodate various sizes of specimens. When the 
balsa strips become too full of holes, flip them over. Eventually, you 
will have to replace the wood and styrofoam, but all the materials only 
set you back a few dollars and you can construct a number of boards from 
the quantity of styrofoam you get.  I have used such boards for over 20 
years with great success and they last quite a while.  The foam and 
balsa make for easy pinning (much easier than the wood found on most 
commercially available boards).  Give it a try.


John Calhoun

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