Specimen repair etc.

Robert L. Chehey cheheyr at micron.net
Fri May 2 01:53:51 EDT 1997

Kenelm Philip wrote:
> Mike Soukup asked a number of questions about repair, mounting, and such.
> I use wider paper strips to hold the wings flat during drying. This takes
> lots of pins!
>                                                         Ken Philip
> fnkwp at aurora.alaska.edu

I'd like to add these comments to the string:

1.  Add a few crystal of PDB or chlorocresol to your relaxing chambers
to discourage entomophagous fungi. These, of course, appear only when
the specimen is especially valuable.

2.  I use a relaxing chamber similar to Ken's, but in Tupperware.  I
have also used 155 mm. Petri dishes, which work very well for small

3.  I have used all of the spreading methods mentioned (except
styrofoam), but one of my prefered, if old-fashioned, methods is the use
of setting blocks (Holland, p. 29, fig. 55), which I make myself out of
clear western yellow pine with cork inset for a pinning bottom.--
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