Major Monarch migration underway

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Sat May 3 22:03:52 EDT 1997

There has been a major northward movement of Monarchs in the Washington D.C.
metro area for several days now.  First Monarch was seen on 4/26 in
Hedgesville, W.V.  Additional individuals have been seen almost daily in
Fairfax Co., VA.  All appear to be very pale, worn, aged females.   This
looks like a very good early start for Monarchs this season.  Folks up in the
northeast: watch for migrants this week.  They are obviously full of eggs and
will be searching for scant, young host shoots to oviposit on. 

One female was observed ovipositing on young Butterflyweed shoots (1"-3"
tall) in my garden on 5/3/97.  About 80 shoots were covered with 200+ eggs
(gave up count, there were more).  I am not sure if all eggs came from the
same female, but they were all laid on 5/3.  Most eggs were laid on the
undersides of young leaves, but also on stems very near the ground.  Eggs
also laid on very-nearby grass, Senna leaves, and also on mulch.  

Harry Pavulaan,
Herndon, VA.

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