Clostera apicalis and inclusa

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At 11:44 PM 5/3/97 GMT, Gary Anweiler wrote:
>Can anyone provide me with a simple, foolproof way to separate the two
>Notodontid moths Clostera inclusa and Clostera apicalis from each other,
>in particular when there are no specimens available for comparison ??

	There are excellent coloured photo's of both species in Laplante, J.-P.
1985. Papillons et chenilles du Quebec et de l'est du Canada. The two
species look completely different, however, the apicalis photo's are males,
the single inclusa one is a female.
	Covell gives a B&W photo of inclusa stating that it is common, especially
northward. Up here in NE Canada I have yet to see inclusa, so far only
apicalis (+ others in the genus).
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