Monarch culture problems

RENE BOUTIN rboutin at
Tue May 6 12:46:03 EDT 1997

Anne Kilmer wrote:
> I suspect that the problem with the monarch females was that they were
> squished too firmly when they were mated. Physical trauma could produce
> the symptoms described.
> Is Bt communicable bug to bug? What happens to it in the bio-chain, when
> a bird or another bug eats a dying caterpillar? Or when another
> caterpillar eats it?
> If the mosquito type Bt also kills blackfly larvae, what else does it
> kill? And are we sure we want it to? Wholesale?
> Anne Kilmer
> Florida

Is BT the same as BTI.That is what they use here in Quebec for
blackflies.They spay all the little creeks 10km around the villages that
use the service.How does this affect the butterflies.
                          Rene Boutin,artisan.

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