New Fort Huachuca, Arizona Butterfly List /Anaea sp.

Hank Brodkin hankb at
Wed May 7 01:16:52 EDT 1997

This evening I received a copy of the anotated "Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Butterfly List" prepared for the Fort Huachuca Wildlife Office by
Richard Bailowitz and Sanford Upson.  To get a copy of this list, which
I believe is free, call the Wildlife Office at 520-533-7084.   
In checklist type format - foodplant info and habitat and bargraph type
distributional material are also included.
The area covered appears to be the Huachuca Mountains east to the San
Pedro River south from Highway 82 to the Mexico border.

This is how the list handles the Anaea Leafwings:
Tropical Leafwing (A. aidea) is of uncommon and sporadic occurrance from
April thru November.  It is listed as found in "damp spots".

The Goatweed Leafwing (A. andria) shows one dot (indicating "accidental
please report all sightings") in September.

The several pair we saw on Monday were in very dry Oak Woodland on a
south facing hillside.  I have not gotten back to Coronado National
Monument yet to investigate further and take photos.

I have neglected to say in previous posts that I have had no previous
experience with either species in the past and still hope that Sheri
Williamson, who pointed this bug out to me, can clear up this mystery.
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