Indian Moonmoth? (Actias selene)

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:  I have read recently a mention that Indian Moonmoth (Actias selene)
: can be grown on Rhododendron (preferred food) and because of this
: food preference, it can be grown indoors year-around (at least here
: in Oregon).   I am seeking sources of cocoons or eggs, plus info on
: growing this species.  I am eager to find out the length of time from egg
: to adult; and how easy to breed them.
:  Thank you!  Ralph  rdarnold at
This species is quite polyphagous.  In Taiwan, this species has been
reared from Liquidambar formosana, Cinnamomun, Alnus formosana
Prunus, Lagestroemia subcostata.  It's multivoltine in Taiwan.
The eggs take about 10 days to hatch, and the whole life span of
non-hibernating generation is only about 55-60 days.
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