Was it Dichlorvos?

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> Their mode of action was to give of the Diclorovos in an enclosed
> room and kill the flies this way.
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>For those in the "Dichlorovos" question.  I haven't run this down for a long
>time but if my memory serves me right, without dates, Shell originally
>formulated the material
>"2,2 -- Dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate"
>Because of exposure and improper use by the general public, the sold the
>rights and quit mfg.  I believe Johnson & Johnson picked it up and then sold
>it again to an outfit in Florida, no name available.  I believe it is now
>being mfg. by Hercon Chemical. 
>Any way it was taken off of the market because many states felt it was a
>cnacer exposure.  That was about two years ago in California.  It has since
>been rethough and is allowed in the State.  Unfortunately, some state put
>such a high tax and licensing on this type of product that a lot of mfg. are
>no longer interested in doing business within those state.  There is a big
>demand for the product because it is good and when used properly has very
>small exposure.  Of course there is always someone who is more at risk than
>You can find the strips is several configurations.  They are still handled by
>some pet stores.  BioQuip Products  handles two forms of the product, one a
>little more concentrated than the other.  One standard strip of the old
>"Shell" format is enough to fumigate about 30-50 drawers. This is usually
>good for at least 6 months of protection.


For Your Information:

DDVP is being sold in the bug strip form as "Revenge" by Roxide
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