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Sat May 10 09:08:31 EDT 1997

Continuing the thread of early UK sightings (despite the recent downturn in 
the weather).

Yesterday evening (Friday 9 May), arriving home from work at about 5.45pm 
I was surprised to find a fresh looking male Small Dusty Wave, Idaea 
seriata (Schrank) (Geometridae), sitting on my front door. Apart from 
South's reference to reared specimens emerging in April all the books give 
mid to late June or July as the earliest dates for the flight period of 
this species in Britain so again, more than a month early.

Having just returned from Mallorca I will restart moth trapping next week 
here, in the grounds of the Natural History Museum, London, so will 
anticipate some more early records from the Museum's Wildlife Garden.


ps. For anyone that's interested, while I was on Mallorca I did some moth 
recording and a small amount of collecting for identification purposes, 
with the necessary permit, as I am in the (somewhat lenghthy) process of 
producing an updated checklist for the Balerics. If you, or anyone you 
know, has Lepidoptera records from any of the islands I would be pleased to 
hear from them.

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