Butterfly suppliers??

Leino Oli estoboy at sympatico.ca
Sat May 10 16:08:51 EDT 1997

Howdy y'all.

I'm an amateur bug-nut who after succesfully mounting and displaying local
Canadian butterflies, am ready to start mounting/framing tropical butterfies.
(papilionidae, nymphalidae, heliconius, morphidae, etc..)
I only want to try this with non-protected/endangered species.
Can someone please give me some leads in regards to butterfly supply
farms/companies.  I already have info from Ianni Butterfly Enterprises, and am
looking for other suppliers to compare selection, prices, service, quality,
If anyone else has experience with this, please drop me a line.
Also, if anyone knows what kind of red-tape is involved with importing these
types of things into Canada,..I would greatly appreciate it.  It is my
intention to be completely legal and environmentally conscious about pursuing

Thanx in advance,
estoboy at sympatico.ca

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