Usenet? Listservers? LEPS-L?

Mark Walker mwalker at
Thu May 15 09:51:55 EDT 1997

> >Can someone please help me in my confusion? Does
> > have the same content as this LEPS-L I've

> >heard about, or do I need to subscribe to LEPS-L in addition? If I do
> >need to subscribe, how do I do so? (E-mail responses appreciated.)
> For the benefit of others who may be similarly confused:
> LEPS-L is a bi-directional mirror of which
> we constructed for the benefit of those who do not have Usenet access.
> content of both is identical so there is no need to subscribe to the
> listserver if you access the information via Usenet.

I've been reading the s.b.e.l. newsgroup regularly, but after the recent
server change I was not able to reply to some of the threads without first
subscribing to LEPS-L.  The listserver was apparently filtering out
non-subscribing contributors and preventing them from bouncing reply
messages back to the original source.  Now, after subscribing via email, I
get all of the messages in my mailbox, and don't need to read the newsgroup
(at least I don't think I need to read the newsgroup).  The downside is
that sometimes I get so much LEPS-L mail that I don't always respond to my
work related mail in a timely fashion (no, I regret to say that entomology
is not my bread and butter, only my passion).

Anyway, I thought this might be of interest...

Mark Walker
Castleton, VT

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