Usenet? Listservers? LEPS-L?

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at
Thu May 15 19:05:41 EDT 1997

Unfortunately the answer provided by Christopher Majka may not be of
help to everyone.  I hope no one unsubscribes from Leps-L before they
read about my ISP.  

My news server does not get all items posted to the news group.  Even
though the items posted to Leps-L may be ported to, they do not all make it to my news
reader.  I subscribe to Leps-L and I see everything.  When I read the
news provided by my ISP, only about half of the items actually appear in
the newsgroup.

For this reason, even though I have access to the news group, I only
read the items posted to Leps-L.  That way, I know I am getting

Others may be as confused as aa051 at and their problem may
also be their ISP.

> Hi!
> >Can someone please help me in my confusion? Does
> > have the same content as this LEPS-L I've
> >heard about, or do I need to subscribe to LEPS-L in addition? If I do
> >need to subscribe, how do I do so? (E-mail responses appreciated.)
> For the benefit of others who may be similarly confused:
> LEPS-L is a bi-directional mirror of which
> we constructed for the benefit of those who do not have Usenet access. The
> content of both is identical so there is no need to subscribe to the
> listserver if you access the information via Usenet.
> Cheers!
> Christopher Majka
> co-founder:
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> | Christopher Majka - Editor-in-Chief: Chebucto Community Net              |
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