Usenet? Listservers? LEPS-L?

Christopher Majka nextug at
Thu May 15 22:43:46 EDT 1997


On Thu, 15 May 1997, Eric or Pat Metzler wrote:

> Unfortunately the answer provided by Christopher Majka may not be of
> help to everyone.  I hope no one unsubscribes from Leps-L before they
> read about my ISP.  
> My news server does not get all items posted to the news group.  Even
> though the items posted to Leps-L may be ported to
>, they do not all make it to my news
> reader.  I subscribe to Leps-L and I see everything.  When I read the
> news provided by my ISP, only about half of the items actually appear in
> the newsgroup.
> For this reason, even though I have access to the news group, I only
> read the items posted to Leps-L.  That way, I know I am getting
> everything.
> Others may be as confused as aa051 at and their problem may
> also be their ISP.

I'm not sure what leads you to conclude that I am confused, but I can tell
you most assuredly that I am not.

I do not currently subscribe to Leps-L, however I have, and when I have
done so I was able to ascertain that all postings to (as reflected by news feeds to two
servers that I regularly work on) were reflected in the mail that I
received via Leps-L.

If you have a faulty ISP, I suggest you change service, not ascribe
confusion to others. If you ISP connectivity to the Internet is so
erratic that it drops a significant portion of postings to SBEL, it is
undoubtedly doing so to all other Usenet groups as well -- the vast
majority of which are not gated to Listservers.

Best wishes,

Christopher Majka


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