Usenet? Listservers? LEPS-L?

Neil Jones Neil at
Fri May 16 03:19:05 EDT 1997

In message <Pine.A41.3.95.970515233625.44876A-100000 at> nextug at writes:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 15 May 1997, Eric or Pat Metzler wrote:
> > Unfortunately the answer provided by Christopher Majka may not be of
> > help to everyone.  I hope no one unsubscribes from Leps-L before they
> > read about my ISP.  
> > 
> > My news server does not get all items posted to the news group.  Even
> > though the items posted to Leps-L may be ported to
> >, they do not all make it to my news
> > reader.  I subscribe to Leps-L and I see everything.  When I read the
> > news provided by my ISP, only about half of the items actually appear in
> > the newsgroup.
> > 
> > For this reason, even though I have access to the news group, I only
> > read the items posted to Leps-L.  That way, I know I am getting
> > everything.
> > 
> > Others may be as confused as aa051 at and their problem may
> > also be their ISP.
> I'm not sure what leads you to conclude that I am confused, but I can tell
> you most assuredly that I am not.
> I do not currently subscribe to Leps-L, however I have, and when I have
> done so I was able to ascertain that all postings to
> (as reflected by news feeds to two
> servers that I regularly work on) were reflected in the mail that I
> received via Leps-L.

I can confirm that the gating system works. I have been picking up
the messages by both methods for some months now. What does happen
as an inevitable result of the way usenet works is that things arrive
out of sequence. So far I am unaware of anything that has not made it through.

> If you have a faulty ISP, I suggest you change service, not ascribe
> confusion to others. If you ISP connectivity to the Internet is so
> erratic that it drops a significant portion of postings to SBEL, it is
> undoubtedly doing so to all other Usenet groups as well -- the vast
> majority of which are not gated to Listservers.

This is good advice. No ISP is perfect but you are liable to be loosing a lot
of usenet posts if this is happening ith S.b.e.L

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