Usenet? Listservers? LEPS-L?

Mark Walker mwalker at
Fri May 16 09:47:23 EDT 1997

Neil Jones wrote

> I can confirm that the gating system works. I have been picking up
> the messages by both methods for some months now. What does happen
> as an inevitable result of the way usenet works is that things arrive
> out of sequence. So far I am unaware of anything that has not made it

Well, I'm still not completely sure.  As I mentioned before, I know that I
didn't have the same degree of _access_ that I now have after subscribing.
But in addition, I noticed that some of the posts on the newsgroup (which
I'd like to stop reading) did not make it to my mailbox.  Specifically, I
did not receive Pierre Plauzoles last post dated 5/14/97, and have not yet
seen the post for Carsten Loser's Japanese Lep Web page (although this
could be a routing delay).

I suppose the problem's discussed earlier in this thread apply to both the
service provider and the email application.  All can fail.  So for the time
being, I'm stuck verifying that the newsgroup doesn't have any unread

The alternative to all of this is to pull the power plug and go outside for
a walk...  Butterflies have finally emerged in Vermont.

Mark Walker.

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