Usenet? Listservers? LEPS-L?

Neil Jones Neil at
Fri May 16 14:18:55 EDT 1997

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           mwalker at "Mark Walker" writes:

> Neil Jones wrote
> > I can confirm that the gating system works. I have been picking up
> > the messages by both methods for some months now. What does happen
> > as an inevitable result of the way usenet works is that things arrive
> > out of sequence. So far I am unaware of anything that has not made it
> through.
> Well, I'm still not completely sure.  As I mentioned before, I know that I
> didn't have the same degree of _access_ that I now have after subscribing.
> But in addition, I noticed that some of the posts on the newsgroup (which
> I'd like to stop reading) did not make it to my mailbox.  Specifically, I
> did not receive Pierre Plauzoles last post dated 5/14/97, and have not yet

I have noticed that Pierre's postings have taken a while to propagate before.

> seen the post for Carsten Loser's Japanese Lep Web page (although this
> could be a routing delay).

It has appeared on both systems for me. It probably was a routing delay.

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