Usenet? Listservers? LEPS-L?

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Fri May 16 10:07:00 EDT 1997

Neil at NWJONES.DEMON.CO.UK (Neil Jones) wrote:

> I can confirm that the gating system works. I have been picking up
> the messages by both methods for some months now. What does happen
> as an inevitable result of the way usenet works is that things arrive
> out of sequence. So far I am unaware of anything that has not made it
> through.

If you have an ISP that (for whatever reason) has a poor or sporadic
connection to the Internet than it will miss some of the stream of Usenet
posts that arrive on a regular basis to the site.

>> If you have a faulty ISP, I suggest you change service, not ascribe
>> confusion to others. If you ISP connectivity to the Internet is so
>> erratic that it drops a significant portion of postings to SBEL, it is
>> undoubtedly doing so to all other Usenet groups as well -- the vast
> majority of which are not gated to Listservers.

> This is good advice. No ISP is perfect but you are liable to be loosing
> a lot of usenet posts if this is happening ith S.b.e.L

That's the point. There problem is not with SBEL <--> Leps-L gating but
with a poor ISP. For most other newsgroups there's no recourse to an
alternative. Complain to the ISP or find a new one.


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