migrating V.cardui in Denmark

dd at mi.aau.dk dd at mi.aau.dk
Mon May 19 10:52:28 EDT 1997

Hi LEPS-netters!

After a very cold spring, daytime temperatures have reached about 20 degrees C
in Denmark with easterly winds. 

Since there has been no May reports on migrating Painted Ladies in Western 
Europe, I was very surprised to find this species on the island Laesoe in N
Kattegat. The data are:

Vanessa cardui

13 May   1 active migrant NW
15 May   2 active migrants NW + 1 N
17 May   1 active migrant ENE
18 May   1 active migrant N

The butterflies were all spotted following the coastlines. Furthermore, 2 Large
Whites (Pieris brassicae) were observed arriving from the sea on 15 May. Also
a lot of Camberwell Beauties (Nymphalis antiopa) in the forests.

Only one Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) has been spotted, on 11 May in Mid 

What is more to come?

kind regards
* Morten D.D. Hansen                  *
* Dept. of Zoology                    *
* Institute for Biological Sciences   *
* University of Aarhus                *
* DK-8000 Aarhus C                    *
* Denmark                             *
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