migrating V.cardui in Denmark

Chris Raper triocomp at dial.pipex.com
Wed May 21 07:47:13 EDT 1997

On Mon, 19 May 1997 22:00:59 +0100, Michael Pennington
<pennington-macleod at zetnet.co.uk> wrote:

>In Shetland, north of Scotland, we have had an extraordinary number
>of Red Admirals (Vanessa atalanta). Two in April and then about 80 so
>far in May. There are only two other records this early since 1990
>and 80 would be a good total for a whole year! Anyone else seen them?

Nope - looks like you've got all of ours up there!  :-)

You don't fancy catching a few and posting them south do you? ....No?
Oh,well - never mind  :-)

Chris R.

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