tatoosh and monarchs

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Mon May 19 17:21:59 EDT 1997

Herewith is a message Hans Schnauber sent to SOCINSCT at CNSIBM.ALBANY.EDU
As you see, he plans to do the monarch release in spite of all that Bob 
Pyle et al. have said to prevent him. Not to mention Bob Flanders.
	Please, people, let's try again to explain to Hans why it is 
indeed a lousy idea. 
Not to mention the unlikelihood of all his monarchs surviving and being 
spotted (and only once). 
It's irresponsible and I hope he can be persuaded to stop. 
I had hoped, naively, that his wisdom and common sense had prevailed 
over his desire to be the center of attention. 
Anne Kilmer
1424 Lake Bass Dr.
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