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Mon May 19 19:32:14 EDT 1997

I have worked extensively with different baits for attracting butterflies in
the South American tropics but I have only used a white sheet and mercury
vapor light for attracting moths. Is the sugaring mixture used in conjunction
with a black/mercury vapor light and how is it best applied?

Also, the recipes mentioned in recent posts appear to contain excellent
ingredients for attracting neotropical butterflies. Have you used either of
these baits for this purpose? Are beetles attracted to the baits as well?

I will be leading a group of people to the Peruvian Amazon on a natural
history tour and as one of the many interesting activities, I would like to
get the group involved in utilizing a variety of baits and we will be keeping
detailed records on the insect activity at each baiting site. For anyone
interested on joining along on this eco-adventure, please contact me directly
for more information. We will be departing for Iquitos Peru on September 13th
and you have the option of returning on the 20th or 27th.

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