Monarchs in N.W.

Wanda Dameron be496 at
Tue May 20 20:12:14 EDT 1997

According to Christiansian, "Field Guide to Butterflies of the
Pacific Northwest," Monarchs --"though uncommon in the northwest,
it has been collected as far north as Vancouver Island and the
Okanagan Highlands of British Columbia."  A friend on Vashon
Island (just outside Seattle) had one in her yard a year or so

As for competing for nectar sources, that seems pretty weak 

More importantly:
1.  How pervasive is disease in captive-reared bugs?
2.  What does the introduction of perhaps non-local Monarchs 
do to the genetics of possible interbreeding?

I believe Bob Pyle, after last falls trip of following western
migrating Monarchs south, made a comment in a recent NABA note
about there being differences in the races.  Where are you Bob
when we need you?


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