Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Wed May 21 21:30:14 EDT 1997

	Gary Clark asks if anyone still uses cyanide.

	For many years now, I have been using small cyanide killing vials
for moths, including micros, and occasionally for Lycaenids. Most butter-
flies I field pinch, and then use a coffee can with ethyl acatate to kill
the entire day's catch back at base camp.

	Cyanide is certainly faster than ethyl acetate. It does involve
certain hazards--I carry the vials in a heavy nylon belt pouch, not in
my shirt pocket!

	I can't help on where to buy cyanide--I got a lifetime supply of
prepared vials many years ago, and have never had to purchase any since.
Universities these days are getting very careful about handing out dangerous
chemicals, and private citizens can have trouble buying same. You might
try checking the chemistry dept. at your local university to see what the
rule are. Or try to become a research associate at a museum, in which case
the institution may be able to set you up.

							Ken Philip
fnkwp at aurora.alaska. edu

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