Nymphalini phylogeny

Soren Nylin snylin at zoologi.su.se
Thu May 22 06:01:28 EDT 1997

Hi bug-netters,
I've been telling you earlier of our work on butterfly phylogeny using the 
mt-DNA gene ND1. We now have a preliminary phylogeny of the butterfly tribe 
Nymphalini, but we still lack DNA samples of some key subspecies, species 
and genera. If there are any butterfly people out there willing to give us a 
hand: wanted in alcohol or live (it often works well to put a live butterfly 
in an envelope): one or more specimens of Polygonia gracilis gracilis 
(eastern gracilis), Polygonia progne progne (eastern progne), Polygonia 
faunus faunus (northeast faunus) and rusticus (californian faunus). Also, 
from Australia/NZ: Mynes spp., Bassaris (= itea, gonerilla) spp. I have 
import permits. All help appreciated and if possibly reciprocated.


Soren Nylin

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