Help!!! Luna eggs layed last night

Gary Lowder glowder at
Sun May 25 14:05:56 EDT 1997

We have observed a Luna moth in our barn for the past week, apparently
she was transfixed by a yellow light we keep on for the horses.  Two
days ago a male showed up (?slightly smaller).  I went out to check the
horses late last night and the female Luna was busily laying eggs all
over one section of the barn.  The male had landed on a wall about 6
feet off the ground and even had three eggs on one of his wings.  Alas,
this a.m. the male is gone (typical, says my wife <g>).  The female is
still present.

My question is this:  It's a metal barn.  When the eggs hatch the
caterpillars will have nothing to eat.  The local woods are about 25
yards away.  Should we try to transplant the eggs to the woods?  How
would we do that?  They are afixed to a metal I-beam.  Would a razor
blade scrape them off without harming them.  They are about two feet
away from a martin nest (who I'm sure would love a snack of freshly
hatched insects).  How long until the eggs hatch?

Hope this wasn't too much at once.  We would appreciate any help you
could give.

Gary and Rayne Lowder.

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